21 thoughts on “Ryan’s Steakhouse”

  1. We enjoy eating at Ryan’s every time we are in the area of one, closest is 47 miles. would you please consider building one in Huntingdon, Pa., the area really needs one.

  2. My family and I love to eat at Ryan’s. We would not have it any other way. Great we love you.

  3. I really enjoyed this restaurant. Great hot fresh steak made to order and lots of other. Great price. would like to find more. went to elkart,in

  4. We have always enjoyed your family catered restraunt. We now have followed your restraunt to Champaign, Illinois, since our local Ryan’s is now gone in Danville. Illinois. Would you re-consider opening up in Danville again, we were never at the restraunt in Danville when it wasn’t very busy. Thank you for your family style restraunt, we are now introducing it to our grand kids, please re-open in Danville,Ill. 61832 and keep up the good work.

  5. had my son’s birthday party there it was great. we had our own ice cream cake and we shared with the services enjoyed it THANKS SO VERY MUCH WE WILL COME BACK

  6. Ryan’s is one of favorets place to due to fact that is how you’ll greet my family as soon we walk in. I injoin the specal coupons we get by mail. but I would like also to recive them by e-mail. Thank you for take care of our family when we are there.

  7. i would love to be closer. i think the closest one to us (we live in massena, ny ) is probably 2-300 miles. we are plannig a trip to hickory, nc in anothere week and would like to stop at one of your establishments. we did in the past and just loved it AND the staff.

  8. Ryan’s really needs to concider building in Ellijay or Blue Ridge Georgia. We have to travel 45 minutes to one hour to eat at the closest location. There is a high demand for a wonderful buffet in this highly populated and visited area. PLEASE concider!!!!!

  9. Ryan’s is our favorite place to eat we go about every couple of weeks maybe more if it were closer..only one problem i have with it right now they used to make the big pan of cornbread..miss it so much …please bring it back..

  10. I really love your buffet! You have the most different styles of food on the buffet than any other buffet around Des Moines!

  11. My husband and I go every other Sunday or so after church and love it! Would love coupons, looking for a good deal!

  12. We’ve gone to other restaurants over the last couple months for a change of environment. But we love Ryan’s Steakhouse. My dad’s friends from church an our church friends an family joined there to eat at least twice a month. I miss those days. But I have a lot memories even outside joining them there to eat.

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