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About Friendly’s:

Friendly’s is a restaurant chain founded in 1935 in Springfield, Massachusetts. There are over 375 Friendly’s restaurants located primarily in the Northeastern US. The restaurant is  best known for its ice cream and sundaes. Friendly’s ice cream dessert options include: frappes, root beer floats, Fribble shakes, Friend-Z, ice cream sodas, double-thick milkshakes, and sundaes.  Friendly’s also offers breakfast, lunch and dinner items, such as hamburgers, french fries, wraps, and sandwiches. Unlike chains Denny’s and IHOP, breakfast items at Friendly’s are available mornings only; lunch and dinner are available later. Friendly’s manufactures and sells packaged premium ice cream distributed in over 7,500 supermarkets (and other stores) nationwide. Take-home options include: sundaes-to-go, ice cream rolls, cartons of ice cream, ice cream cakes, and ice cream pizzas.

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